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In 1995, I was introduced to the MAGIC of ARGENTINE TANGO. In fact, I lost my job in the occult shop because I was so enchanted with this dance. I was too obsessed with practicing my OCHOS to be bothered with any other work! 11 1/2 years later, this love affair is still going strong. The tango reawakened my passion for life, and it is with great joy that I share it with others.

Some of my teachers include: Laura Grinbank, Omar Vega, Pupi Castello, Diego y Negracha, Graciela Gonzalez "la Negra", Viviana Parra, Jorge Torres, Mariela Franganillo, Carina Moeller, Brigitta Winkler, Tete, Horacio Brito "El Pipe Avellaneda", Olga Besio, Maestro Carlos Gavito, "El Flaco" Dani, Susana Miller, Nito y Elba, Facundo y Kely Posadas, El Indio y Cacho Dante.

Lexa studied ballet, jaz, tap, flamenco, swing, and country western dancing. She taught Argentine tango and milonga at DanceSport in NYC (2002-2004) and continues to teach privately. She has done performance exhibitions in NYC at Stepping Out, Chelsea Piers, P.S. 122, Wow Cafe, and Theatre for the New City. Lexa is known for her excellent leading skills and is a favorite among the social dancers.

Lexa writes the monthly astrology column for Reportango magazine. check out TANGO STARS and you can also read TANGO STERNE in German at the online TangoKulture magazine.

Lexa Roséan (tigre) y Natalie Laruccia at La Marshall Milonga Aug 2004


WANT MORE TANGO?!! Check out Richard Lipkin's Non-partisan

TodoTango is a great site to learn all about the music, singers, orchestras, and composers.

Best place to buy tango music is Zivals


May 2006
Loreen and I want to thank all of you in the NYC milongas for the warm welcome you gave to Gonzalo Cabrera y Roxanna Suarez. They danced a beautiful tango to open the United Cerebral Palsy's Women Who Care Luncheon at Cipriani and they were thrilled to be invited to perform exhibitions at the milongas every night of the week they were visiting here. Special thanks to Gayatri Martin of La Boca, Hernan of Tango Club, Coco y Juan Pablo of La Nacional, Dani Carpi of La Belle Epoque, Sandra of Lafayette Grill, and Jak and Metin of Baila Tango y DJ La Turca. For those of you who missed these wonderful kids, Gonzalo is sixteen years old and happens to have cerebral palsy, although you wouldn't know it when he dances tango. He and his cousin Roxy were an inspiration to us all! The GREATEST GRACIAS to Tanguero Productions for introducing these amazing dancers to the NY tango community!

Sep 2005
Here is a letter posted by the Queen of the Night, Sarah La Rocca. She is the organizer of the All Night Milonga - one of the best tango venues in NY. Check it out! The second Sat of each month at Stepping Out Dance Studios. (You'll also find Lexa there giving astrology/tarot readings at a great price.)

Dear Friends,

The All Night Milonga raised almost $1000 for the victims of hurricane Katrina.
The money was donated to two worthy local organizations:

The Baton Rouge Area Foundation to provide assistance to the residents of New Orleans and the Noah's Wish Foundation to provide rescue and shelter to the thousands and thousands of animals left behind.
Read their web sites to see the work these marvelous organizations are doing.

If you know anyone who couldn't attend the all night milonga, donations can still
be made on line at the above web sites.

I want to send out a very special huge THANK YOU to the following kind hearted
fantastic people:

Lexa Rosean
The Pulpo and the Zvi Migdal tango band
the management of Stepping Out Studios

Thanks to everyone who attended and to my friends who always support my heart felt frantic activities. And remember as a community, we are capable of great things.


Sarah La Rocca
September 10,2005

Aug 2004

On Sunday Aug 14, Parlour 153 was host to a traditional Argentine Asado (BBQ) and Milonga (Tango Dance Party). Gracias y ESO to ASADORS (bbq cookers) Coco y Ruben, and DJ La Turca. Big thanks to Guy for the beautiful tent in the garden protecting us from the rain. We feasted on delicious Argentine grill with the romantic thunderstorm around us - but not ON US! And upstairs, lots of tangos in the Parlour.

Lexa taught the beginner class for the tango babies and performed with Vinnie. It was a one of a kind event - but we plan to repeat it so stay tuned for details.

(photos courtesy of Norhayah Ismail & Noreen Dean Dresser)

Friday, March 9, 2007

Lexa on NY Public Radio

A few weeks ago, I was asked to cast a spell for political change and lend my magick to one of the Presidential Candidates. Are you curious as to who it is? Well then tune in and listen to

The piece is slated to air this coming Monday, March 12. In New York, the show airs on New York Public Radio AM820 starting at 8:00 PM. There is also a free podcast on iTunes and post audio of all shows at That audio will be available by midnight on the night of broadcast.

Big thanks to Lauren Frey of Public Radio International for conducting my interview and asking me to participate in such an important way. Goddess willing, this magic will call attention to a candidate who really is able and willing to GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holiday Specials - Example Charts

An Astrological Profile for Baby Jesus

I. Basic Underlying Personality Traits
In Jesus’ chart, there is an outstanding quality of Earth. With strong Earth, Jesus will show a more introspective quality and may be more cautious about new circumstances or situations. Jesus needs to be "hands on", to feel a connection to life. Hugs are especially important, and emphasizing security needs, reassuring him that he can reach out and make contact, will make a huge difference in this child’s sense of identity. Touch is necessary for all children, but you’re likely to see Jesus spending more time exploring textures, temperatures and other physical evidence. Nature exploration can be especially stimulating, and learning in a natural environment helps to forge strong memories. If your school offers it, give Jesus a chance to experience something like "nature’s classroom," where environmental concerns are integrated into learning. Otherwise, occasional camping, hiking or even time spent in the garden can be an amazing way to confer a sense of calm and focus to this child. Oh, yes, do be on the alert for that possible stubborn streak!
Lacking or little Air can indicate problems with objectivity and can show a potential for difficulty with communication and relating, in general. Make a special effort to engage Jesus in conversation, to read together, and tell stories. Applaud his development of tolerance for the differences between people. Jesus might also benefit from the simple exercise of keeping a daily diary.
There are three modes in astrology. These determine how a particular sign manifests its energy. These qualities -- known as cardinal, fixed and mutable -- have special meanings in astrology. Each sign or the zodiac correlates with one of three modes of action.
Jesus is mostly Mutable. That means he is flexible and able to adapt easily. Developing objectivity and cooperation is important, but making final decisions or choosing sides can be really difficult. That "fence-sitting" can be just as torturous for him as it is for other people! Praise Jesus for his versatility and teamwork, but watch for signals that indicate he is becoming manipulative or has fallen victim to exploitation by others..

Personal Transits for Jesus

Transit SUN conjoined natal Sun
Dec 25 through Dec 26, exact on Dec 25
Congratulations! It is the beginning of another birthday year for you. Since the planetary patterns influencing your life and affairs will be different in any given year you do not always have the same feelings and attitudes every time your birthday rolls around. No matter what the circumstances happen to be however, you can take advantage of the positive potential of each birthday by making it a special time for renewing inner energy and vitality, and your faith in yourself as an individual. Reflect on what the past has taught, look forward to where you would like to be in the future, and above all, adopt the attitude and determination that you will meet and overcome every challenge that the future holds.

Transit SATURN conjoined natal Saturn
Dec 25 through Jan 14, 2007, exact on Dec 25
This period brings a well-defined influence that is nearly unanimous in its effect on those who experience it. It is a period in which your life has come to a decisive point. You question your goals and the progress you have or have not made. It would not be unusual for you to start thinking in terms of a certain finality, a sense of lost youth or failure to accomplish or experience certain things. Confronting past failures and disappointments is necessary and so is extracting whatever positive lessons and experience can be gleaned from them. Barring any dalliance with depression or discouragement on your part --an unnecessary indulgence which should be avoided at all cost-- you will begin to see a more structured and purposeful future ahead. This is likely to lead to a serious attempt to make changes in or terminate current relationships and situations that will not permit the future growth you envision for yourself. On the other hand, all current circumstances being satisfactory, this is a period to reaffirm your commitment to your present course and long-range goals.

ORDER YOUR PERSONAL ASTROLOGICAL CHART AND INTERPRETATION AND TRANSITS TODAY. GIVE THIS GREAT GIFT OF INSIGHT AND LIGHT TO A FRIEND. ONLY $20 (value $40) if ordered before Jan 1 2007. each report with 18-20 pages of personalized text.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Sacred Harvest Fruits

The Samhain (pronounced Sow-wane) is the ancient Celtic New Year. On Oct 31, the last night of the old year, the veil between the worlds is lifted and ghosts and spirits roam the night.
How do Witches celebrate?
Like all the other folks! We dress up in our New Year's Eve finery and party down at the Witches' Ball! Some witches like to dress spooky in the old Celtic tradition, and other modern Wiccans like to dress like beautiful gods and goddesses or fairy sprites or magickal symbols because they believe that the costume they wear on this night symbolizes the energy brought into the New Year. Some witches like to play it low key on Samhain and stay home with family, close friends, or coven members. They practice quiet meditation and ritual to prepare themselves for the coming year. They use divination to communicate with the ancestors and spirit guides for advice on the coming year.

On the Autumn Equinox (Sep 21), the power of the pagan god is cut down and symbolically buried in the earth to seed and fertilize for the coming spring. The time between Samhain (Oct 31) and the Winter Solstice (Dec 21) is the time and rulership of the Crone. It is the night of Hecate; Queen (and Goddess) of the Witches. She is honored with chants and a spiral dance to raise Her cone of power. It is also traditional to draw down the Goddess into a Priestess of the Coven. The Priestess serves as a channel to receive and speak the words and messages of the Goddess.

There are two foods which are sacred to Her and associated with the Autumn Harvest. The first is the apple and the sacred power symbol of the witches is hidden within the core of the fruit. Cut an apple in half horizontally and you will find the pentacle inside. Make a wish and eat half to empower your body and soul. Offer the other half to the Goddess. Leave as a libation under a tree. The second sacred fruit is the pomegranate. This represents the blood and womb of the mother. It is said that Persephone ate 3 pomegranate seeds to enter the underworld. Many witches are superstitious about eating too many seeds because they do not want to pass through the abyss. It is important to know that in other middle eastern mythologies, the pomegranate represents prosperity and well being and it is tradtional to eat as many seeds as possible. Open the fruit and offer half to the Goddess. Eat as few or as many as ye will.

Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Get Witchy in Oct. Learn to read the Tarot with Lexa

Lexa Rosean presents...

World of Tarot Workshop

3 Hour Crash Course on reading the cards

When: Wednesday Oct. 25th. 2006 and Wednesday Nov. 1st. 2006
Event TIME Details: 6:30pm - 8pm
Event Location: TBA in downtown Manhattan
Price: $70 for both sessions $36 for one session

Event Details: Outline of Tarot Workshop:

*Lexa will familiarize you with the 22 Trumps and the 56 cards of the
minor arcana and show you quick keys for remembering their meanings.

*Learn techniques for properly handling the cards and training the
psychic eye.

*Color symbology, numerology, astrology, and kabbalistic links and
associations with Tarot will also be explored. You will learn how to
tap into the Tarot and its innate wisdom.

*Basic spreads and layouts with be taught.

*In the second session on Nov 1, each student will have an opportunity to interpret a spread with help and guidance from Lexa. We will work on eliminating personal blocks and fears as well as correcting patterns of misinterpretation. You will receive an overall toning of the psychic muscles and learn how to make an instant connection with the querant (questioner) making your readings hit the mark.

Beginners and more advanced tarot readers will all benefit from this

What to Bring: your favorite tarot deck, notebook, and a pen
(If you do not have a tarot deck, don't worry, there will be some house decks available.)

- - - - - -
Lexa Rosean is one of the leading pagan authors. She has written
eleven books on magick and spellcraft including The Supermarket
Sorceress, Easy Enchantments, and the newly released TAROT POWER

Lexa is a High Priestess and Witch and has been a professional
astrologer and tarot reader since 1982. She has appeared on
numerous television and radio shows in the US, Canada, Ireland,
Asia, and Europe.

*The New York Times wrote: "Ms. Rosean has her share of satisfied customers."

**Page 6 of the Post named Lexa as 'psychic of the moment'

***and the Village Voice named her "Best Witch of NYC"!

Class size is LIMITED. Make your reservation NOW!!
email AsktheWitchDr
or call 212 529 1353

Website: Lexa
Blog: The Witch Doctor is IN

Saturday, September 23, 2006


The Mabon or Autumn Equinox has arrived and the Harvest Season is in full swing. One of the strongest symbols of this Sabbat is the SICKLE. It is used to trim the grain and the word itself means "to cut". In the Wicca, the sickle is a magical tool used to symbolically cut down the Sun God and return him to the earth. His reign is now over as is symbolized by the shortening of the days. Although a somewhat mournful rite, we realize that his rest in the earth will bring rebirth just as seed planted in the womb brings gestation and new life.

The sickle is used to separate the wheat from the chaff. It is a tool that can cut away all that is useless and harmful as well as gather and reap all the fruits and rewards of the hard work we have done throughout the year.

THE SICKLE MEDITATION can be done any time between Sep 23 and Nov 1. Begin by visualizing any obstacles, fears, or dangers that you face and see yourself cutting them down with the sickle and pushing them away from you with the POWERFUL sickle in your right hand.

This harvest season is less difficult than last year, when loss of lives over a wasteful war and loss of lives and livelihoods due to hurricanes caused an enormous amount of stress and grief to this nation and the world. This year, many are still dealing with grief and recovery which potentially decreases the good that can be gleaned. In regard to this, it becomes even more important to visulize the cutting away of negative and baneful energies that deplete the harvest.

Now take three deep breaths and imagine all you have worked hard for, and everything you are thankful for. Imagine the good you have and the good you hope and wish for - take all these images and gather them up in the CRESCENT of the sickle. Pull them towards you with the sickle in your right hand. End this ritual visualization by saying a prayer of gratitude in your own words to the God and Goddess.

The 22nd/23rd of this month is the NEW MOON. It is not just any old new moon because according to lunar (13 month) calendars, it is the first new moon of the year. It is also Rosh Hashanah or the Jewish New Year and on the 24th, Ramadan begins. These three days are extremely powerful for cleansing and rebirth. It is also an important time to gird or seal yourself with strength so that you don't lose what you have already gained.

To increase, strengthen and protect your assets (both spiritual and material) or to draw and renew abundance, take a TRES LECHES BATH on the NEW MOON . Fill a tub with water and add one cup whole milk (cow's), one cup goat's milk (easily found in health food stores), and one cup coconut milk. Soak for a minimum of ten minutes and then wrap yourself in a white towel or bathrobe and air dry. Do not soap or rinse off for 8 hours after this soak. It is best to take at night before retiring. (If you do not have a bath tub, you may mix 8 quarts water with one cup of each milk into a bucket and pour over your head and shoulders while standing in the shower.)

Got Milk?! It is a very powerful ingredient to work magick with. Milk is sacred to the Moon and the Mother Goddess and contains energies of nurturing, sustanance, protection, and prosperity.
Blessed Be! Happy Healthy Bountiful Harvest!